Right now, 100 percent of your time and energy is already fully invested. What it’s actually invested in is different for each of us.

For many, it’s invested in TV, running errands, and things like facebook.

I’ve always found solving someone’s time issues to be very simple. It’s really just a matter of re-deploying our time and energy away from the useless and to the critical.  Once you understand it’s not about making someone work harder or longer, things start to move smoothly.  


Distracted – Over Committed – Stagnant

Many of us are working nonstop. We’re busy getting after it every day, but life doesn’t progress proportionately to our efforts. Why?

The elements of our life that are unknown, underserved, and uncared for are like anchors gripping the ocean floor. Our sails are up, and even full of wind, but we’re hardly moving.  

Take a look at the mind map below, and consider the possibility that any of the elements that you were not aware of, not paying attention to, or not handling effectively may be holding you in place or even dragging you backward.

Life can feel complex because it is, but once you truly understand what life is made of, you can radically simplify it just by focusing on the most important or most effective aspects at the right times.  

You’ve lost your time. We’ll help you find it.

These are the elements and sub-elements that I work to focus 100 percent of my time and energy on. This high level of situational awareness allows me to cut out that which doesn’t matter and take massive action on that which does.

Here’s what I do with this map:

Assess: I color code each element and sub-element as either:

  • Red: Broken

  • Green: Average and okay (More about average later)

  • Blue: In surplus

From there, I prioritize and take action. You’ll find that there are many things that you can leave red for a while and many more things that you can let slip a little while you’re focusing on bringing another element up.

This ability to harmonize life rather than trying to balance it all at once is the secret to being highly effective rather than highly busy.

For example, let’s use the analogy of spinning 13 plates. If we try to keep them spinning all at once, that’s an example of trying to keep things in balance. Too busy, stressful and full of broken plates.  

However, just keeping a few plates spinning for a while, putting them down, and then working a few others for a while is an example of keeping things in harmony.

The attempt people make at trying to keep all elements of their life going at once (balance) is what has people highly busy, but not really getting anywhere. The key is to achieve harmony by focusing on certain elements and then others. This gives every facet of your life its own time and focus.


On Average: 

In our course work I'll go much deeper into my philosophy of being average first I'll show you the importance of first getting and keeping things average so that you can build a foundation that is strong enough to support greatness.  

It explains why those who seem to have success still crumble.