Your Course Correction

Men who are crushing life begin their search much like SEALs do -- through reading books, watching movies, and listening to podcasts about other real-life operators. This is certainly a place to ponder the possibility of living an amazing life, but not a place to actually live one.

It’s time to go beyond “infotainment.” These Strategic Training Groups are driven by action. There will be no lists of books to read or podcasts to consume. We certainly will not be forming a facebook group nor will we spend all of our time sitting in a circle talking.  

Within these groups, we separate from the curious who live life as if it were a hobby and join those who live as if their lives and the lives of others depended on it.  


From my South Orange County Headquarters I design, build, test and deploy 3 variations of our Strategic Training Group. 

Strategic Training Group (National): Two online meetings per month, invites to three (03) "SEa-Air-Land (SEAL) excursions a year. 

Strategic Training Group (Local): Two in-person meetings per month, invites to three (03) "SEa-Air-Land (SEAL) excursions a year. 

Monthly Membership (National): Small knowledge blocks extracted from the more committed groups and delivered online and in person to those who can't go big yet.   

To get started download and read the ebook "Habits of Heroes". 

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We'll also keep delivering valuable knowledge to start optimizing your performance, and we'll keep you up-to-date as future opportunities to join us open up.  

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