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What are your two top questions about human performance and leadership we absolutely NEED to answer in this series? 

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Hi everyone, 

We're close to having what I believe will be the best series on leadership and performance I've ever seen or had the pleasure of producing. 

I've been working on this for over 4-years and have deployed bits and pieces of it at random times, but now it will be complete and available as an entire series.   

Unlike most of the performance programs I'm commissioned to build, this one I'll maintain the complete rights to allowing me to deliver it to whomever I choose. 

The content will be focused on the underlying principles of performance that produce or defeat anyone's ability to perform in any domain.

It will address the "What" we need to do, but unlike other training initiatives, it will also deliver on the "How" to do it. The "what vs. how" is a critical distinction I learned as both a SEAL and as a Sniper Instructor. It's why people get stuck.  

The series is designed to be available online and on demand, but we'll also be occasionally delivering it via live online streaming so that we can produce the greatest impact for those who go through it.  

It's critical to get direct feedback from existing readers and students to make sure nothing is missed. 

So that we deploy the most valuable and potent content...

...please answer the below.  


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