The New World Requires Brotherhood

Remember when the ebook “Habits of Heroes” made a case for existing within a brotherhood? That’s because without one you’ll get your ass blown out of the water, or at best find yourself adrift at sea.


New World Order

The world has become too dynamic and competitive, and now requires levels of patience, courage and confidence beyond what a single man can hold on his own. 

Alone we're weak and unable to fully realize our roles as leaders, fathers or providers with dignity. As we become pressed, we default into working (at work and in life) nonstop in an effort to keep up.

With our heads down, we fail to notice that we’re no longer living up to the expectations and hopes of those we lead. Over time the signs of their withering respect emerge-- reminders of past mistakes, listening stops, minds close and at its worse, overt signs of dislike emerge.


Busyness - A Sign of Weakness

Unfortunately, for the common man, he reacts with excessive amounts of self inflicted commitments. He mistakes busyness as an indication and means of power and importance, when in reality, it’s the ultimate sign and cause of weakness.

This is why we must purposefully create and exist within a brotherhood. We must see beyond the tyranny of the urgent, and chose to be the hero in our own life. 

We have to break free from the cultural definition of man and do what others can not. You must go where they will not go, and you’ll have to make the commitments to hold special roles within a brotherhood that others wouldn’t dare.


Brotherhood & Hitting The Surf

A real brotherhood is created by shared experiences that are both difficult, and tied to one’s survival.

There is no place on the planet more dynamic, dangerous, difficult, beautiful or inspiring than the sea. It does something to men that is both indescribable and irreplicable.

It draws the brave and adventurous in, and repels the timid. At its core, it is what separates SEALs from all other Special Forces and the brotherhood that you might form from others.

Find these men. Go places with them. Do amazing things.

I'll see you in the water!