Would You Just Strap Yourself To Another Dude and Let Him...

Climbing or Jumping?

“What produced more fear? Jumping out of a plane or climbing?" I asked the guys during STG 001’s Air excursion, already knowing the answer.

“Climbing,” they all replied.

“What?” I asked, surprised. “How is that?”

I guess I didn’t already know the answer.

They went on to explain that because they were attached to their parachuting instructor, they were able to just kind of let go of their own future. “I was in his hands, so I just went along for the ride,” they all said in one form or another.

Now this is one of the reasons excursions like these are critical for any man trying to live an exceptional kind of life. They open us up to many of the blind spots we are living life with.


Strapping Yourself to Another Dude?

I asked them to consider where else in their life had they just strapped themselves to some other dude, forfeited their responsibility, and ultimately, allowed that person to dictate their current and / or future situation.

I could see their faces go a bit sheepish when I said this.

Being that the guys in this group were both successful and powerful, they're quick to accept blind or weak spots when applicable, own them, and want to get straight to work on them. If you're reading this I'll assume the same, so let's go beyond the jump. 


He Looks Okay... I'll Just Do That!

I know many men who have gotten pinched in life, fell into the struggle zone. Their relationships with their spouses, children and friends took heavies. As a result they stopped trusting themselves and just started blindly following other dudes around them.

More than once I've sat down with guys like this, did the math, and proved that something will not financially, spiritually, or personally work for them, only to watch them skip onto someone else's path anyways. A dangerous move in a culture where most men front and pose as if they have it all together.

What I learned from those experiences is that they were not doing what they actually thought was going to work, they were choosing the path of least resistance. Which looks like doing what others around us are doing. On top of taking the road most traveled, they were also dumping all of the weight of being responsible for the outcome of their future.

There's a big difference between accessing an expert, getting help, guidance, coaching, and just strapping yourself to someone else's path and letting go.


Habit of A Hero:

Really examine the path you're on or the one you're considering taking. I'm talking measure 10 times cut once kind of a thing.

How will your path really affect your ability to earn a living, care for your mental and physical healthproduce enough income to live a life without unacceptable compromise today, and when the time comes when you can no longer work?

God didn't put you on this planet to be part of the herd. You're here to find your own way. The one He has waiting for you.


If you haven't already, go read the ebook “Habits of Heroes”


Eric Davis

Eric Davis served our country as a U.S. Navy SEAL and decorated veteran of the Global War on Terror. Eric has been recognized as one of the premier sniper instructors in the U.S. military and has served as a Master Training Specialist at the SEAL sniper school in Coronado, CA.

He is an expert of technical and physical surveillance and was part of an elite group hand-selected to perform intelligence collection in denied areas around the world.

Eric has spent years developing, writing and executing curriculum for the SEAL Teams. By leveraging his expertise in the development of systems, structures, processes and practices Eric was instrumental in significantly reducing the failure rate, of Naval Special Warfare’s internationally recognized Sniper course. 

Since departing from the SEAL teams, Eric has worked in corporate performance, sales and leadership training bringing an unprecedented amount of innovation, efficiency and structure to the domain of business and performance.