Juggling Personal Growth with Family - Church - Friends - Fun - etc.

When I asked:

"What are your TOP TWO QUESTIONS regarding living a life of POWER - PASSION - FUN?"

Many people replied with:

"How do you juggle your time between family, church, friends, fun, and still have time for personal growth?"

For some my reply may both surprise you and give you hope.

Watch the 3-minute video and follow along with the outline below.

Video Outline:

00:20: What if I had something that would allow you to handle that which affects your ability to live a good life twice as fast and twice as well?

  • Would you hesitate to incorporate it into your daily schedule?

00:48: First we Need to Understand that Personal Growth is NOT:

  • Podcasts

  • Books

  • Audio Books 

  • Seminars

Those are the supporting tools of personal growth. And when used alone, are little more than interesting. 

01:17: Personal Growth, like Strength Training, Requires that you do the Work.

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

  • Annually

  • Year - after year

01:23: What Personal Growth is:

A consistent and highly pragmatic set of tactics, strategies and standard operating procedures that you design, build, deploy, measure and modify by:

  • Identifying - what elements (there’s about a dozen) in life actually make up your ability to live a good life.

  • Assessing - each element’s current state as well as their trajectory.

  • Prioritizing - which elements you’re going to handle first and / or in relation to other elements.

  • Executing - violently until not just the anxiety of an uncared for element is gone, but until the element is handled once and for all. This is the difference between a victim and a hero.

02:24: How Personal Growth Gets Done:

Personal development is NOT something you do quietly by yourself. It’s a team sport requiring:

  • A Coach

  • Accountability

  • A Team

03:03: Let go of the Common Approach and Personal Growth Mindset.

The ordinary citizen doesn’t think of or approach personal growth as something that gives them power (more time, energy, money, happiness.) They don’t expect or demand any real return on their investment of their time, money or lost opportunity.  

They are not used to getting a massive return on investments.

Real “Personal Growth” will clearly affect your ability to live a good life with family, fun, fitness, finances, friends, etc.

Real personal growth increases your capacity, time, money, energy, etc. If you’re worried about adding personal growth into your life then it’s very likely you’ve been feeding off of sources of marketing and entertainment, NOT a true process of power.  


In the comments below let me know:

  • What thinking does this trigger in you?

  • What would you now stop - start - modify in your life in regards to how you build power?

  • If you’re part of the Average Frog Membership tell me how this might impact your ability to cross complexity in ways that turn your life into a source of power and inspiration rather than a source of distraction, diffusion and depletion.