Brotherhoods Breaking Out

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After the second of our SEA-Air-Land (SEAL) excursions I did with Strategic Training Group 001, I noticed a new attitude had started to settle about the members of the group. They were being afflicted with something.

I myself wasn't immune to how the trips were affecting me either. Something had awakened for all of us.


The R.O.I

For me it's like a cherished memory from my childhood was coming back into focus, into reality. Something, a source of joy and energy I once had, that in one way or the other I’ve have been trying to forget or chase ever since I lost it. We all felt it.

It was a feeling nobody was willing to shake, because the experiences it was generated by, were also impacting our personal and professional lives in tangible ways. The “return on investment” was starting to pour in.

Underlying levels of confidence began to increase. Men started to report increased satisfaction, as well as focus and passion bleeding back into their lives. Things like irritability, rigidity and stress were sputtering and beginning to deplete. Relationships with their body and those they love began to correct and advance.

But, three experiences a year wasn’t going to be enough. We realized that each of us would need to, on a smaller but more regular scale, reproduce the expeditions we were doing together with others who were physically closer to us. It was time to get real intentional about forming our local brotherhoods.


Changing the Program

No doubt forming and existing within brotherhoods is part of the curriculum we work through within the Strategic Training Group, but it was towards the end of the year we spend together. In a way it was too late.

Finding, attracting and coordinating with other high performers, the types we need to surround ourselves with if we are to live a good life, takes time.

They’re often too busy like my guys were before we started working together. It requires that we live our life in a way that attracts the powerful, which often takes some doing in itself.

We need to coordinate action and make offers of adventure, fun and a good life compelling and accessible. All things that if we had the time, power and energy to do, we would have already been doing.

To this end it is my intent for the next Strategic Training Group I launch to be cause in the matter of their local brotherhoods.

“Local Brotherhoods” will now be addressed and supported at the beginning of the year. We’ll empower each member of the group by sharing the very planning and execution process I used to coordinate training as a Sniper Instructor.

I’ll work to provide access to locations, vetted guides and coaching on how to produce local “Strategic Experiences” that are designed to produce very specific results for the individuals that participate in them.

You'll often hear me say, "Alone, no man has sufficient confidence, courage or the capacity to live a good life and lead others to do the same." I say that because it is true. The “lone ranger” can no longer compete in this dynamic and competitive world we live in. It’s a team sport from now on.


Leading Others to do the Same

Living a good life and leading others to do the same is at the core of what we do within the Strategic Training Groups (STG).

As I step into this next year and begin to develop and work with a local STG here in Southern California, we'll keep working to share our lessons learned, planning processes, gear lists and excursion ideas so that you and your own local brotherhood can keep up.

For those of you ready to take things to the next level keep an eye out for the next national or local group we open up. They're game changers. 



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