A lot of Men are in the Wrong Job

There's a certain elevated level of situational awareness that comes with the opportunity to review multitudes of coaching applications. For those of you who have already or will someday soon submit an application for one of the performance groups we run, just know that I consider it an honor to read each and every one.

There are a few things that really stood out to me from the group of people who just applied to the new groups we're getting ready to launch. Here's one that's particularly relevant.


Career shifts - or what I call "making the pivot"

On the applications, I'm hearing that when there's high job satisfaction, there's low income. Or, when there are a lot of things like stress, travel and / or long hours, then the income is high.

Remember - if your career is breaking other parts of your life, then you know it's not a good fit. There's no reason you can't love what you do, make enough money, AND be fit, have fun, friends and time with family. We gotta get it all handled!


Getting Your Shift Together

When I started these groups my focus was only on those who already had sufficient time and money to redesign their life. We worked to pivot so that their first fruits were no longer just going to their career, and leaving the left overs for their health, relationships, fun etc.

If this is you, your focus is typically best spent on trying, testing and evaluating new things in life. It's a discovery process. You have to get a bit adventurous and experiment with things. OUT OF YOUR PRECIOUS COMFORT ZONE.

You need to access fun and beauty to remind yourself of their importance.


And For You

For those who are still working on their capacity to make big changes, there's a different thing to focus on.

In this phase of life I find that really getting dialed in to life itself is critical. A meticulous approach to identifying, assessing and taking action, in the right order, to incrementally open up the capacity you need to get moving onwards and upwards.

Kind of like how you'd do a really precise budget, if money was tight. You gain your power from optimizing what you'v already got. Then you go and invest it in what's next. This is a critical phase in life because if you start investing too much, too soon, you can run out of juice. This is often why people’s lives look like an EKG read out. They go up and down because they keep running out of steam after some time on the upstroke.

I refer to this process of optimization as first being the "Hero in your own life" so that you can next "Be the hero in the life of others." It's one of my favorite things to do for someone because, to them, it can feel like we pulled time and money out of thin air. Feels like magic, but it's really just precision.



Whatever phase you're in, don't settle for only living parts of your life well.

If you've got a bit of power built up, use it to master all of life, and then go lead others to do the same.

If you're struggling to gain traction, get after it. Identify the elements of life and dial them in one-by-one.

If you need help - just ask. You can apply for one of our upcoming performance groups HERE. Don't try to do this alone.