Introduction: How I came to be who I am

Early on Eric launched on a journey to find a mentor that could teach him about life and success. After years of searching he finally found what he was looking for in the most unlikely of places. We spliced together a video of Eric explaining what made him who he is today and why he's been such an effective performance trainer.

Father to Man: 

As a young parent working his way through SEAL training, Eric Davis was desperate to find a single mentor to show him how to become both a father and a man. He ended up finding many. As a SEAL, he developed a pervasive “Lead from the Front” attitude that shattered the cultural notion that good parenting requires a sacrifice of career, health, or happiness. Eric believes that part of a man’s role as a dad is to live the very kind of life to which he’s raising his kids to aspire, and that when men quit on life, they quit on fatherhood. Eric will help you rediscover yourself and focus on becoming the parent you want and need to be so that you can, in turn, lead your children to become the people they want and need to be. It’s time for parents to stop feeling guilty about working or playing hard. It’s time to show our kids how.

Chasing the Bull: The: Methods of your principle

Many of us have spent a lifetime working to develop the critical skills and capabilities required to live a good life and to lead others to do the same. However, once we plateau we tend to settle into our current routines as if they were some sort of genetic trait—stuck in our careers, relationships, income levels, and life. Even the most motivated and skilled warriors on the planet can falter when they ignore the basic principles driving human performance. Former Navy SEAL Eric Davis will teach you how to take back control of your life and hone your life’s trajectory just as a sniper would a bullet’s. It’s time to start hitting your targets!

Training vs. Trying

Too many of us “try”—rather than “train”—to live a good life. However, in today’s high-tech, hyper-competitive world, it is only with regular training that we can succeed. Join former Navy SEAL Eric Davis as he reveals the daily practices, rhythms and routines required to live your best life, one that invites you to tackle—rather than avoid—its ups and downs and embrace its intricacies. Develop a strategy that can produce immediate peace, self confidence and the levels of focus you need to for making critical progress.   

Habits of Heroes: 

Have you ever been to the zoo and noticed how the tigers pace back and forth in their enclosures? Have you ever been to an office and seen men do the same in their cubicles? Each rocks back and forth in an endless effort to sooth their internal desire to live the life which they were born to live. We often deploy weak and self destructive habits -- T.V, prescription drugs, alcohol, aggression as a means to cope with our restrictive environment. Join former Navy SEAL and author Eric Davis to understand where many of our self destructive behaviors come from and how learning the habits of elite forces and rescue units can put us on a path to happiness and wellness.