In the book "Raising Men" I described an alternative to common kids activities that my wife Belisa and I had chosen for our two younger kids. We call it SEAL Pups, and when people heard about what we were doing, it quickly became a very popular request for us to make it available to the public.

We've now successfully piloted several courses and experiences with a small group of kids and are taking things to the next level.  



To build confidence using SEAL-esque missions and training that translate into real-life skills, both in the field and in life.

SEAL Pups takes the best of Special Forces, firefighting, rescue, and law enforcement to inspire high levels of confidence and functionality in our kids. We want to teach leadership, teamwork, grit and self reliance while developing the practical skills of surviving and thriving.

A “jack of all trades” mindset best describes a SEAL, and, similarly, we want our kids to become an expert at becoming an expert, so that they can see everything from a position of strength, which makes their vantage point uncommon and valuable.

We maintain a focus on the sea for the very same reason Navy SEALs do. It’s the most dynamic, dangerous and life giving or taking place on the planet.

The sea is unique because it’s the single place you can plop a 10 year old next to a 55 year old and produce the same experience. The ocean meets anyone where they are and has an amazing ability to take them a step further than they thought they could have gone.  


Sample Course Work:

SEa-Air-Land (SEAL)


  • MAROPs: Maritime Operations (Boats) 
  • Scout Swimmer: Ocean swimming & Beach Reconnaissance 
  • Hunting & Survival 
  • River Crossing 
  • Lifeguarding 
  • Waterproofing and Gear Prep 
  • Drown Proofing 
  • Diving Operations 


  • Climbing
  • Search & Rescue Operations
  • Building Entry
  • Wind Tunnel Free fall Training 


  • Land Navigation: Rural and Urban 
  • Hiking and Patrolling Skills: Rural and Urban
  • First Aid
  • Camouflage & Concealment 
  • Hunting & Survival
  • Sniper Hides: Rural, Urban, Vehicle 



We have a new Headquarters located in South Orange County California where we'll be designing and piloting each of our programs with local families.  

It's our intent / desire to make our content available nationally so that other units can form and thrive. Our ability to distribute these resources will be capacity dependent. 

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