Powerful advice and stories from Navy SEALs about fatherhood and raising boys to be men

After Eric Davis spent over 16 years in the military, including a decade in the SEAL Teams, his family became more than accustomed to his being away on deployments and secret missions that would obscure his whereabouts for months at a time.

Having had no consistent father figure in his own life since the age of fifteen, Eric was desperate to maintain the bonds he’d fought so hard to forge when his children were young—particularly with his son, Chad, knowing how difficult it was to face the challenge of becoming a man on one’s own. Unfortunately, Eric learned the hard way that Quality Time doesn’t always show up in Quantity Time.

Facebook, television, phones, video games, school, jobs, friends—they all got in the way of a real, meaningful relationship. It was time to take action.

As a SEAL, Eric learned to innovate and push boundaries, allowing him to function at levels beyond what was expected, comfortable, ordinary, and even imaginable, and he knew that as a father he needed to do the same with his son. Meeting extreme with extreme was the only answer.

Using a unique blend of discipline, leadership, adventure, and grace, Eric and his SEAL brothers will teach you how to connect, and reconnect, with your sons and learn how to raise real men—the Navy SEAL way.

Dear Reader:

I’ve been through the toughest military training in the world, executed covert missions, trained Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell as snipers, and taken more than twenty enemy ships attempting to smuggle contraband out of Iraq, but I do not consider any of these things my greatest challenge or my most significant accomplishment the way I do being a father.

Fatherhood is not for the weak. It’s a long game fought in the trenches and in order to lead our children through the arduous and sometimes dangerous routes of childhood, we have to knuckle down and man up. We must have expectations not only of our children, but of ourselves, and take on every challenge as if their lives and our depended on it, because they often do.

I wrote this book as a tribute to all the dads out there fighting the good fight every day, trying to raise strong, confident, and courageous men who will someday lead us into the future.

During my time as a SEAL and SEAL instructor, I learned to repurpose my training in order to become a better father, a better husband, and a better leader, as well as a better man. Within the pages of this book, I am sharing these principles with you, both in story and application, so that you too can raise men—be men—that you’re proud of.

Get some... Eric

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